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Till Hartmann 



Research Interests

Changes of neuronal response properties of MT neurons during eye movements. 

Moved on to

Harvard Medical School (Postdoc) 


Till S. Hartmann, Bart Krekelberg.Synchrony and firing rate modulation in area MT at the time of saccades.Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting (2012); Bart Krekelberg, Jacob Duijnhouwer, Till S. Hartmann.Predictive Neural Signals Related to Eye Movements in Visual Cortex.European Conference on Eye Movements (2011); Till S. Hartmann, Frank Bremmer, Thomas D. Albright, and Bart Krekelberg.Receptive Field Positions in Area MT during Slow Eye Movements.Journal of Neuroscience • 31(29):10437–10444 (2011); Till S. Hartmann, Bart Krekelberg.Simple cells provide strong input to MT neurons.Cosyne Meeting (2011); Till S. Hartmann, Frank Bremmer, Bart Krekelberg.Perisaccadic Response Properties of MT Neurons.Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, 2010 (2010); Till S. Hartmann, Thomas D. Albright, Frank Bremmer, Bart Krekelberg.Changes of visual response properties in area MT due to eye.Cosyne 2009 Program (2009); Till S. Hartmann, Frank Bremmer, Thomas D. Albright, Bart Krekelberg.Receptive Field Shifts in Area MT during Smooth and Rapid Eye Movements.Journal of Vision vol. 6 no. 6 article 406 (2006); Till S. Hartmann, Bart Krekelberg, Frank Bremmer, Thomas D. Albright.Spatiotemporal Receptive Fields of MT Cells during Smooth Eye Movements.Society for Neuroscience, 2005 (2005) 
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